What Are The Most In-Demand Jobs Right Now?

What Are The Most In-Demand Jobs Right Now?

It’s no secret that the job market has become more competitive in recent years, making it more difficult to find a job after graduation. So, if you’re deciding on a career path, it’s a good idea to check out which jobs are in-demand right now.

Despite the constant advancement of technology, these jobs are likely to remain common for years to come, so it’s a good idea to have the knowledge and skills for at least one of them! Without further ado, here are the world’s most In-Demand Jobs.

Loan Officer

$48,000 average annual salary

Loan officers support consumers and companies in selecting and applying for loan products. A business loan, a mortgage, or a personal loan are both examples of this. They do all of the paperwork on the client’s behalf and communicate with the financial institution to secure the loan. Since many people are looking for additional financial assistance, this work has become more common, and it is one that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

eCommerce Worker

$45,500 average annual salary

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has increased demand for eCommerce jobs, online shopping has largely surpassed in-store shopping. eCommerce is a multifaceted function with a wide range of responsibilities; one day you might be working on a campaign, and the next you might be analyzing user experience.

In general, an eCommerce worker is in charge of a website’s usability, keeping track of things like navigation, speed, content, and the site’s overall infrastructure.

Personal and professional coaching

$47,000 average annual salary

The demand for trained and personal coaching has risen dramatically in recent years. Depending on your preferences, you could work as a life coach, guiding people through difficult situations.

A wellness instructor, for example, can assist people in achieving their fitness goals and improving their self-esteem. Meanwhile, a career coach can assist job seekers, graduates, and school leavers, while a business coach can assist businesses in improving and making more educated choices in the workplace.

Digital Content Creator

$48,000 average annual salary

It’s only natural that digital content creators will be included on this list, given the popularity of social media platforms and the emergence of yet another platform for creating online content, TikTok. Knowing how to use these sites is one thing, but being a digital content developer necessitates the ability to attract a large number of followers. For each one, you’ll need to be inventive as well as familiar with the various platforms and algorithms. You should also have a basic understanding of digital marketing, editing, and videography.

Education Professional

$52,000 average annual income

Teachers are required at all levels of education, so this is a position that will always be in high demand. With the rise of online learning, private education practitioners are being employed to provide one-on-one tutoring. However, if you choose higher education, you might pursue a PhD and work in academia. It all depends on your personal interests and how many years you want to devote to your studies.

Mental Health Specialist

$48,500 average annual salary

The demand for mental health professionals is increased by approximately 24% in 2020. The need for specialist psychiatric care has increased significantly as people have been dealing with the consequences of a global pandemic. Try being a counsellor or a clinical psychologist if you’re interested in mental health and wellness. You will spend your time helping clients with different problems they may be facing, either one-on-one or in a group environment.

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Digital Marketing Expert

$65,000 average annual salary

In 2020, digital marketing was at the forefront of every industry; whether it was a retail store, an online business, or a hospitality establishment, everyone needed a brand name and an online presence, which is where a digital marketing expert comes in.

In-Demand Jobs

As a digital marketing professional, you’ll be responsible for running promotions, monitoring website traffic, and conversions, ensuring that the site is SEO-friendly and compliant with Google policies, and optimizing pages with common keywords. You can quickly learn how to branch out into digital marketing if you already have experience in public relations.

Business Growth and Sales Specialist

$62,000 average annual salary

The demand for business development and sales professionals has increased in tandem with the rise in online sales. For instance, the demand for customer service and sales advisors is at an all-time high, with a 45 percent increase expected between 2019 and 2020. You won’t need much experience to get this type of job; a positive attitude and attention to detail will get you in the door.

Furthermore, many businesses need a business development manager to ensure that the business operates efficiently and profitably.

Lead generation, designing new tactics,developing landing pages or bio pages, and supporting the marketing team, as well as providing expert advice and training to the company, are typical responsibilities.

Specialized Engineer

$86,000 average annual salary

Since every company now has a website, the demand for specialized engineers is also increasing. To design and build websites and apps, you’ll need a team of experts. Web developers, full-stack engineers, frontend developers, and game developers are all included. Depending on your role, you will be responsible for developing websites, maintaining functionality, implementing features, and integrating various security measures using programming languages.

User Experience Designer

$98,000 average annual salary

A UX designer is primarily concerned with the process of creating a positive user experience on a website. First, study a user’s interests and motivations, and then develop the site’s layout and wireframes to bring their ideas into action. They are responsible for the testing and ongoing maintenance of the design once it has been developed.

Healthcare Supporting Staff

$87,400 average annual salary

With the emergence of the coronavirus and a strained healthcare system, the demand for support workers has increased by 34%. Pharmacy technicians, healthcare assistants, home health professionals, and dental assistants are all examples of this. These jobs usually include administrative tasks such as welcoming patients into the healthcare unit, providing guidance and aftercare, and prescribing medicine. They are the person who greets a patient for the first time. You’ll need a lot of patience and attention to detail to succeed in this position.


$89,000 average annual salary

The demand for nurses has been increasing for a few years, but it has risen even more since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nurses are the heart and soul of the healthcare system. They look after patients with a variety of ailments and help doctors with more difficult tasks. They handle all post-surgery treatment, including drug administration, symptom monitoring, and alerting doctors to something that requires immediate medical attention. It’s a demanding work that necessitates a lot of physical stamina.

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As you can see, staff will be building and maintaining emerging technology in the workplace of the future. This is why these in-demand jobs will continue to be in demand for a long time!

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