Growing Remote Jobs in 2022

The Fastest Growing Remote Jobs in 2022

While the workplace has been devastated by the pandemic, the bright note is that it has expanded access in many career fields to remote jobs. During the pandemic, more than half the businesses hired new workers remotely. And data from the U.S. Census finds that more than half of the labor force is operating from home in major metro areas such as San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Boston, and Seattle.

That said, in some fields, a remote job is growing faster than in others. With that in mind, to assess the fastest-growing remote career categories, we evaluated career categories in our database,

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Fastest-Growing Remote Job Categories

Advertising / Marketing

In most major industries, marketing is a competitive profession with opportunities. Marketers sell goods and services and educate the public. Marketers will help consumers recognize any needs they have and help the customer achieve their objectives.

Remote marketing jobs:

Customer Service

Customer service representatives communicate directly with customers through telephone, email, chat, or snail mail to provide data and support for their questions and concerns.

Remote customer service jobs:

Recruiting & HR

Professionals and recruiters in human resources help connect individuals with the right work and provide workers with support during their jobs. HR practitioners may be generalists or specialize in particular fields such as employee relationships, management of benefits, or compensation for jobs, while recruiters specialize in seeking applicants to fill open positions.

Remote HR & recruiting jobs:


Administrative professionals can manage in-person or virtually an office, deal with staff problems, interact with processes, manage projects or deal with financial matters.

Remote administrative jobs:

The Fastest Growing Remote Jobs in 2022

Finance & Accounting

Accounting and finance practitioners can process financial data, deal with payable and receivable accounts, organize financial documents, and assist with tax planning.

Remote accounting & finance jobs:

Graphic Architecture

Graphic designers produce solutions for visual communications. They translate their clients’ words and feelings into visually appealing images.

Remote graphic design jobs:

Project Management

For the production projects of their company, project managers develop the specifications, budgets, and schedules. This involves managing the flow of projects among different departments and collaborating with external and internal customers and suppliers.

Remote project management jobs:

  • Project Manager
  • Manager – Cardiovascular Contracting Specialist
  • Senior Program Manager


For readers, authors produce a broad range of written materials. They will work for blogs, print, and other media as authors or technical writers, producing original material.

Remote writing jobs:

Mortgage & Real Estate

They turn to real estate agents or mortgage firms when people purchase or sell a property to assist them in managing the process. Real estate agents and mortgage practitioners assist their customers in understanding the economical, legal and insurance aspects of property transfer.

Remote mortgage & real estate jobs:

  • Escrow Trust Accounting Representative
  • Transfer Coordinator 1
  • Mortgage Loan Processor 4

Ecommerce & Internet

The internet and e-commerce have allowed the independence and versatility of working from home to be enjoyed by thousands of professionals. There are several internet-related occupations that include working with tools for information technology, web creation and design, and social networking.

Remote internet & ecommerce jobs:

These fastest-growing remote job fields are likely to continue to grow, while a remote job is spreading throughout several career categories.

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