How To Answer “Why Should I Hire You?”

How To Answer “Why Should I Hire You?”

It’s an interview question which can make the palms of any candidate sweat. It not only forces you to look inwardly and present arguments why you are amazing, but it can also build or destroy your chances of landing the job.

A lot of job seekers fail to properly answer this question. It’s because they’re too stubborn sometimes, while other times it’s because they’re too shy and scared to offer concrete evidence of why they’re the right person for the job. It’s normal in the United States that candidates find it hard to ‘grow up‘ for fear of coming off as cocky, but it can really work against you if you don’t give a coherent response here.

Thankfully, we have some helpful tips to ensure that you can confidently answer this difficult query.

Do your research first

Learn online about the company. Find out what projects they’re working on, and if you got the job, what project you would be able to work on. This will help provide you with an idea of why you should be hired to help! Find out what you can about the philosophy, mission, and vision of the organization, so you can brainstorm a response that is compatible with this. On their company website, you will also read individual profiles to try to find a common denominator that you can also bring to the table, so the employer can know that you suit their atmosphere perfectly.

Review and study the job opening

To know just what you need to be able to deliver in the way of skills and competencies, check out the job description. Highlight the points where you succeed and emphasize on the list given by the organization when practicing your answer to this question. For example, sharing your past experiences and how well you can manage these responsibilities if the position needs applicants to have marketing expertise.

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Provide a solution

Now that you are aware of the company’s needs, think of ways you can help them meet its objectives. Provide hypothetical solutions to a question that is hypothetical. You might also be able to suggest that your skills will help the business solve a real problem if you have been able to do a lot of research about the company.

So, Why Should We Hire You?

Share what doesn’t show on your resume

Your CV says a lot about you, but as a human, it does not hold 100 percent of the data about you. They want to get to know the real you before recruiting you! So if it helps your case, tell them all about your past, the struggles you have faced, and the momentous choices or events in life that have transformed you into the person you are today. Share a moment when you learned something valuable about yourself that became necessary as an employee to develop your character. Think outside of the box, or out of your resume in this situation.

exercise and improve your speech

Now it’s time to write down your feelings and pitch yourself down! While it’s a good idea to practice a response to this question, don’t get so wrapped up in the interview that you end up reading from a script. Instead, piece all together that the boss needs you to remember. Refrain from using cliched language such as “I am a team player” or “I am hard-working” or “I am responsible and very punctual.” They all hear these phrases.

Practice, once you have found out exactly what to say and how you will say it! This way, when the answer comes up, you will not even hesitate, but try not to sound too scripted.

Good luck! We hope you pass your next interview

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