Simple Ways Employers Can Reduce Workplace Stress

Simple Ways Employers Can Reduce Workplace Stress

Office or Workplace stress is at an all-time high, but creative workplace design can help! Make your workplace pleasant, comfortable, and supportive of employee wellness by following these suggestions.

It’s easy to dismiss workplace stress as a contrived, exaggerated complaint. Work is, after all, work! It’s not designed to be as enjoyable and relaxing as a day at the beach. Workplace stress, on the other hand, is no laughing matter, and it’s on the rise. A stunning 94 percent of American workers said they were stressed at work.

Workplace stress can lead to a variety of issues, including decreased productivity, sleep deprivation, increased eating and smoking, and personal connection problems at home.

Not only that, but stressed employees are unhappy, and unhappy employees demand change. In the coming year, 46% of employees are considering leaving their jobs to work in the gig economy. It’s bad news for businesses that are based in offices.

Fortunately, simply altering up your environment can help minimize employee stress. The 2021 office design ideas all focus on increasing employee comfort and creativity, and incorporating them into your own work can be quite useful to staff welfare. Here are some terrific ideas for making your office more welcoming and fun for everyone.

Allowing Space Customization

Making the office as homey as possible is one of the simplest methods to help employees feel at ease (and thus less stressed). To do this, reduce the quantity of harsh fluorescent lights in the office and introduce some soothing natural light. Use accents like vases, chairs, lamps, plants, and artwork to add some color to the neutrals. Allow employees to personalize and decorate their cubicles or office spaces with photos, art, flowers, and other decor items.

Employee morale can be harmed by limiting self-expression; on the other hand, encouraging them to “bring their true selves to work” makes them feel valued and seen. Assist in reducing employee stress by making the office feel warm and welcoming rather than cold and antiseptic.

Simple Ways Employers Can Reduce Workplace Stress

Promote Movement

Movement is essential for reducing employee stress in the workplace, just as it is for our health outside of the office. Even if it’s simply to peek inside a coworker’s office or refill a cup of tea, it’s crucial for workers to get up and walk around every hour. Offer sit-stand desks or add a cardio-boosting sport like ping-pong to your community space to encourage people to exercise.

Employees may be inspired by workplaces that are designed with multiple levels and encourage the use of stairs or ramps. According to research, we are more susceptible to accidental meetings and creative bursts when we are on the move.

Your staff will be compelled to move more and relax their brains if your workspace includes lengthy halls or windowed passageways connecting offices and conference rooms. Sedentary behavior has a bad impact on heart health, weight, and blood pressure… as well as increasing stress levels by making them feel trapped in one place all day. Designing an office that fosters physical mobility can make it simpler for your employees to breathe.

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Create a Lively, Welcoming Break Room Environment

Breaks have a terrible connotation, yet they’re essential for employee health. Several studies have shown that getting a drink, going for a quick stroll, or even zoning out for a few minutes can all help workers improve their productivity and mental health.

Unfortunately, we live in the age of the mobile gadget, and many employees will use their lunch breaks to play with their cellphones if they have nothing else to do. As a result, think about how you might make your employee break room a vital driver in increasing corporate culture, morale, and productivity.

Try incorporating elements of “resimercial” design into your common meeting place, which combines business efficiency with the comforts of home by incorporating irresistibly soft couches, eccentric lighting, and inspiring artwork. Add plants, natural light, and fresh air to your break room to take advantage of the biophilic design trend. Encourage your employees to take breaks when they need them by providing a welcoming environment for them to relax and unwind.

Simple Ways Employers Can Reduce Workplace Stress

Establish a Pet-Friendly Workplace

Allowing well-behaved dogs in the workplace may be a hard shot for some companies with more traditional and formal work settings, but it may be extremely beneficial to employee welfare. Pet-friendly offices enhance work-life balance, increase productivity, and reduce stress, and other sources claim that even non-pet owners benefit from having animals in their workplaces.

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What are some of the ways that furry buddies might help workers relax? Employees can clear their heads with their pet for a quick stroll, or just bring down their blood pressure levels with a quick embrace when difficult circumstances with the boss arise. Friendly animals snoozing in cubicles encourage employees to talk to one another and provide a natural point of interaction.

Naturally, you’ll need to set some guidelines for when pets are permitted to visit, which types are allowed, and how often they can come to work, but having a pet-friendly policy will almost certainly minimize employee workday stress.

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