Perfect High-Paying Jobs for Fashion Lovers

Perfect High-Paying Jobs for Fashion Lovers

With lavish textiles, shoes and accessories, the fashion industry seems ultra glamorous, but it isn’t always what it seems. Indeed, there are certain jobs that are more attractive than others, but you will need to work hard to make your dreams come true, whatever you choose to do. And although you may like the idea of designing clothes, you may realize that your pattern-cutting abilities are awful and may be better suited to an alternative fashion career. That’s no cause for concern, though. Actually, there are hundreds of jobs to choose from in such a widespread industry, and you’re bound to find one that suits your abilities and personality.

We’ve compiled a list of the best fashion jobs for some inspiration, to help you find your true calling and take your passion for fashion to the next level.

Sales Assistant

Average Salary: $34,000

Your main duties as a sales representative will concentrate on delivering great customer service. You will also be required to engage in merchandising and ensure that the store is presentable by refolding clothing, cleaning any mess, and clothing coordination. A great way to gain experience and to break into the fashion industry is to work as a sales assistant.

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Fashion Photographer

Average Salary : $43,200

Fashion photography is distinct from ordinary images of portraits or landscapes. You’ll need to have artistic ideas in this field and have the ability to capture models, mannequins and still-life photographs of clothes. However, through marketing campaigns and the press, the pictures will get great exposure, ensuring that it can be a highly rewarding career.

Fashion Writer

Average Salary : $39,300

If you are a self-renowned bookworm and have the ability to express yourself through the power of writing, then a career is ideal for you as a fashion journalist! For a number of companies, you could end up working for your favorite publication, going solo and creating your own blog or even freelancing. A degree in creative writing or journalism would be helpful.

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Personal Assistant

Average Salary : $39,400

Working for a high-profile celebrity or editor-in-chief as a personal assistant can have its benefits, but you will need to be a committed and hard-working person who can be willing to work 24/7. You will also have to plan the schedule of your employer, book flights and make restaurant reservations for them, run shopping errands and do things for which they simply don’t have time.

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Fashion Stylist

Average Salary: $31,000

Stylists can be found on a one-to-one basis in various settings, from retail stores to fashion shoots or even working with celebrities. Their main goal, however, is the same: to help their customers find a well-fitting, attractive outfit. You’ll need a keen eye for detail and excellent communication skills to get a true understanding of who your client is and what they want in order to succeed in this role.

Fashion Model

Average Salary : $42,200

Fashion model’s jobs are the face of a brand: through different types of marketing, including magazines, blogs, social media, and billboards, they advertise clothes, accessories, or footwear. You would need the right ‘look’ to excel in this field and should have a portfolio of photos readily available.

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Graphic Designer

Average Salary : $42,700

You could get a job as a graphic designer for your favorite brand if you enjoy editing images, using distinct typography and designing new designs. You might end up working on new marketing tools and materials, books with seasonal looks, and editorial shots.

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Perfect High-Paying Jobs for Fashion Lovers

Digital Media Specialist

Average Salary : $45,300

Are you good at promoting stuff and staying up to date with the latest trends in social media? If so, you can become a digital media expert for your favorite brand along with some advanced training and SEO experience, helping them reach a larger audience with a strong social media presence.

Retail Buyer

Average Salary : $50,700

As the name suggests, before the season starts, buyers are in charge of sourcing and purchasing stock. They use their expert knowledge of consumer analysis to make choices based on the needs of their customers.

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Web Developer

Average Salary : $58,200

Web developer’s jobs are becoming all the more popular for fashion houses and companies to stay on trend with more and more fashion talk shifting from paper to the web. Why not try pursuing this exciting profession if you have a passion for coding and clothing?

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Fashion Designer

Average Salary : $62,700*

This is the highest-profile job in the entire business. The artistic geniuses behind the whole fashion house for which they work are fashion designers, who draw the whole collection and supervise the project before the final touches have been made.

The number of jobs in the fashion industry, as you can see, is infinite and is certainly not limited to this list. The best way to do this is to get a foot in the door by completing an internship or taking an entry-level job if you want to pursue a career in this area.

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