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Popular Digital Marketing jobs in The United States (2021)

Many companies/enterprises have switched to a digital medium, generating a lot of employment in the United States in digital marketing. Technology is being used to ease the changes that systems and companies have to deal with.

Because of the era of digital transformation, the digital marketing industry is also on the rise in the United States. In recent years, several digital marketing agencies have been founded in the United States that provide various digital marketing services, such as content management, digital operations, social media management, etc.

Let us see the ten most common jobs in the United States in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Manager

Managing digital strategies is the responsibility of digital marketing managers. For the digital marketing of any product/service, they build a timeline and milestones. In order to become an effective digital marketing manager in the United States, you need to have outstanding presentation & communication skills. Marketing managers assist their customers in long-term promotions as well as in handling

Content Manager/Strategist

Content managers aid with the management of their customers’ digital content. To develop SEO friendly digital content for their customers, they work closely with the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) team. They are also responsible for the form and quality of content placed on the handles of the brand’s social media.

Virtual Reality Editor/Developer

In recent years, the market for VR (Virtual Reality) products has risen, requiring expert professionals who can create VR ads. If you dream of being a VR developer in the United States, you need to be good at VR technology, animation, special effects, simulation, etc.


The SEO team figures out what keywords are most used by customers and tries to integrate those keywords into their customers’ digital content. As per the requirements of the customer, the SEO team also conducts research on customers from any specific geographic area. In order to appear in the quest, the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) team also implements various paid strategies.


To forecast business dynamics & demands, client data needs to be analyzed. To figure out the right digital marketing tactics, data analysts in the digital marketing industry conduct data analysis. Analysis of data can also assist target groups based on age group, geographical area, etc. It has been made more powerful by recent advances in data processing due to AI, IoT (Internet of Things), etc. To select the most appropriate, you should compare your skills and should know about various types of digital marketing jobs.

digital marketing jobs

UI/UX Designer

User Interface (UI) designers aid in designing a simple/interactive interface for their client’s smartphone and web applications. UX (Customer Experience) also helps to determine how the products/services will communicate with customers.

Email Marketing

Professionals in email marketing are accountable for managing customer interaction via mail. Email campaigns are initiated, the client database is managed, customer inquiries are handled, etc. Customers can get to know about any company’s new offerings, deals, latest updates, etc. via mail and they can feel linked to the brand.

Social Media Manager

On various social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, etc., social media managers handle the appearance of their client’s brand. Increasing customer interaction and notifying customers about the products/services of the brand are the key roles of a social media manager.

AI Specialist

For cost optimization & to save human capital, many digital marketing processes are being automated. Chatbots are developed that can chat with the client and resolve their queries. AI can also help in uploading the digital content to a digital network automatically & periodically.

Brand Marketers

Brand marketers help to build consumer interest in the brand. They also compare and seek to enhance their product/service with rivals. Brand marketers also do logo designing & brand activities. They also conduct research on the market’s brand image and aim to improve it.

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