Job Search Tips in an Uncertain Job Market

Job Search Tips in an Uncertain Job Market

A job search requires perseverance and patience. Moreover, as the job market has taken a hit due to the Coronavirus outbreak, in unpredictable times like these. Although experts suggest that you stay put and avoid moving on to a new career, here’s what you can do if that’s not an option.

Always Be Positive

Worrying does not help, nor does it alter reality. The best bet for finding a position in an unpredictable market is to accept the problem and then work for a solution. Trust your skills and sharpen the saw. When a new chance knocks on your door, you never know.

And when that happens, make sure that you’re ready.

Establish Relationships

It is difficult to stress the value of building relationships further. It’s your network that can help you tap into the secret job market at a time when new job openings are difficult to come by. Taking stock of the current network is a smart idea. Create a list of your former colleagues who are related to LinkedIn; your family and friends who are willing to provide you with a job lead.

At this time, the main point is to get the word out that you are looking for a change in your career. Whatever works best for you, send an email. Make an attempt to reach out to new people who can support you on LinkedIn. Follow or send resumes to recruiters, so that they are aware that you are searching for a job. Whenever there is a suitable opportunity that fits your profile, they will meet you.

As much as you want a job, please remember, there are employers who need good workers to get the job done.

Job search

Conquer your insecurities and fears

Your greatest enemy is fear. You should be in a good state of mind in order to attract the best work opportunities. You may have heard of Paulo Coelho’s famous line from The Alchemist, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

Concentrate on your target. Sooner or later, you’ll find a career that suits you best.

Structure your Job Search

It is a good idea to provide a framework for your job search efforts. Create a list of challenging times of channels that you want to use in your job search journey. Ensure that your profile is up to date on job portals. List your experience, the company you work for, your skills, and the length of notice. Develop work notifications for the jobs you are involved in so that a new job opportunity is not missed out on. You can also make a list of consultants who recruit and approach candidates in your domain.

Multi-pronged policy

Do not focus on one platform or medium to search for a job in order to speed up and make your job search successful. The concept is to go for a strategy of multi-channel job search. Don’t just depend on job boards, leverage your professional network, reach out to your seniors from college, tap every possible resource you can to make a good job search.

Be versatile

In unpredictable times, one of the best advice for job hunting is to be versatile. In your dream business, market, or in a place of your choosing, you may not always get a chance. So, be able to move out of your place of comfort. You can also explore work at home. If you get a good choice, be open to changing industries and geographies.

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