Job Interview Question: How Would You Describe Yourself?

Job Interview Question: How Would You Describe Yourself?

Interviewers frequently talk to many applicants for a position before narrowing their list and making an offer to the most suitable applicant. The interviewer hopes, through the process, to come upon the needle in the haystack. It’s a big relief when this happens, considering that it can take days or months for an organization to fill a role.

You’re the “diamond in the rough,” or maybe you’re simply the candidate that stuck out the most amongst other eligible candidates. Either way, you knew how to use strong phrases and vocabulary to address the problem when you were asked in your interview how you would describe yourself. Yeah, you told the interviewer what they wanted to hear, but you did so from a position of honesty, dignity, and thoughtfulness. You landed the job as a result.

It is important to consider the language and vocabulary you are using to answer to the common “How would you describe yourself?” during an interview.

Prove them you represent the top qualities they’re looking for

Below is a summary of some of the top qualities looked for by interviewers and the form of response that speaks to those qualities. The next time you are asked how you will describe yourself, consider saying one of these things.

  • I Am Accountable “I have the opportunity to make the decisions possible for a successful outcome or outcomes the next time around by taking responsibility for my actions and results. It is not constructive to point fingers or play the blame game and can even set the team back.”
  • I Am Excellence-driven “Not only do I strive to meet standards, but I am also one to surpass the expectations of my employer.”
  • I Am Leadership-focused “I’m not allowing tough situations to dominate me. Instead, at that moment, I analyze them and decide the best way to handle the situation for the best outcome.”
  • I Am Result-driven “Focusing on outcomes is the only way to keep going forward. I am dedicated to adding value and achieving goals for the best possible outcomes.”

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  • I am A self-starter “I’m good at finding the best way to do it when I’m straightforward about what the mission or project is.
  • I Am Goal-oriented “I am hardworking and set myself realistic targets. I can then pull out of them once these targets are in place and build smaller goals or benchmarks to meet so that I can assess my success continuously..”
  • I Am Performance-focused “For whatever mission is given to me, I aspire to do the best I can. I enjoy working for a business that has specific objectives and rewards workers for achieving those objectives.”
  • I Am Customer Service Oriented “I’ve learned that the best way to fully understand what the customer wants is to ask the right questions, and then follow up to ensure we are on the same page. When I understand that we are on the same page, I can then create a strategy or set targets to meet the needs of the client or customer.”
  • I Am a good communicator “I’ve noticed that we all have different communication styles, and I need to learn how others connect to work efficiently together and meet each other in the middle. I still like to ask questions and do not have a follow-up issue to check that I correctly understand anything. From our own perspectives, we all see things and I try to understand what that perspective is for others.”

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  • I am a Team Player “In collaboration, I believe there is meaning. Sometimes, two minds are better than one, and as such, working in a team with a collaborative spirit is vital when the need arises”
  • I Am Proactive: “Whenever possible, I like to review existing practices and processes to find any foreseeable problems or concerns. I think that, where possible, being constructive in a situation is much easier than being reactive. Also, when I’m proactive in planning a project and the need to respond to a situation arises when there is a clear Plan A in place, it’s much easier to move to a Plan B.”
  • I have a strong personal value “Integrity and honesty matter to me. To keep improving and be the best I can be at everything I do, I do what I can.”
  • I am Community-focused “As I think that this presents the best long-term outcomes, I am searching for growth opportunities for the company.”
  • I Am Revenue-focused “In my ability to achieve results, I am sure. Of course, circumstances arise where the outcomes are not optimal, and I do my utmost to tip the hat in a good direction when that happens.”
  • I Am Decisive “Long-term consequences require successful and decisive decision-making, even when it is challenging.”
Job Interview Question: How Would You Describe Yourself?

Responses: Come up with your own list

Based on what many interviewers look for in top-notch candidates, the above are some guidelines to give you an idea of the type of language to use. However, it’s important to come up with your own answers so that you fully describe yourself as an individual. Grab a pen and paper and by taking these steps, start brainstorming about your top-notch worthiness:

  • Make your answers accordingly.
  • Make a list of the above-mentioned competencies and attributes.
  • To reflect each output, write down what you do.
  • Practice answering questions that could prompt your answers.

It’s also helpful to have some examples that apply to your arguments as you craft your answers. In other words, if you claim that you have always met the standards of your employer, be ready to provide quantifiable examples to back it up. With observable success, the more you can justify your arguments, the better.

Start Practicing : Describe Yourself

Work with a close friend or someone you trust to interview. The more questions you’re prompted by, like “How would you describe yourself?” And the more you talk out loud about your responses, the more relaxed you will feel once you sit in front of your interviewer. It is important to differentiate between interviewees who have performed interviews and those who have not.

Finally, words can be strong, so before walking in for an interview, give your word choices some thought. Doing so would make it easier for you to pick the right words to help you stand out in the competition.

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