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How To Use Resume Icons for Applications

Resume icons were all the rage a few years ago. Why type out your phone number when you can draw a pretty little phone sign instead? Icons are the trademark of today’s personality-filled resume.

But does this imply that you should put them on your resume? And, if you do decide to put them somewhere, where should you put them? This blog will delve into the specifics of where to find resume icons and how to use them on your resume.

Is it appropriate to include icons on your resume?

The use of icons on your resume is dependant on a number of elements, including the industry you work in, the employer you’re applying to, and the general style and tone of your resume. A web designer with a colorful CV, for example, can benefit from adding symbols to draw attention to their contact details, whilst a doctor applying to a prominent medical institution should avoid using icons.

In a resume, where should icons be placed?

There are a few crucial locations on your CV where icons could be useful:

  • Each unique skill is listed next to it

The boldest approach of these three alternatives is to place an icon next to each skill in your ” Skills ” section. If you’re confident that the firm will enjoy a little individuality, you can put more unique icons to each talent, such as a pencil next to “Drafting” or a muffin if you’re a weekend pastry chef.

  • “Employment History” and “Education” are samples of section headings

If you want to incorporate icons throughout the resume, it’s a good idea to put them next to the section titles. These symbols can assist pull the hiring manager’s attention down the page and give it a more current vibe. They also allow you to add a splash of color to the bottom of your resume.

  • In your header, next to the contact information

By far the most frequent location for icons. The use of contact icons such as a phone or a letter sign might aid in drawing attention to your phone number and email address. If you want to include icons don’t want to go overboard, putting them in the header can be just the right touch.

How To Use Resume Icons for Applications

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Vector or png icons for resumes

The term “vector” refers to vector graphics that may be stretched or reduced without losing quality. Portable Network Graphics (PNG) is an acronym for Portable Network Graphics. PNGs are good for resume icons since they have translucent backgrounds, so you won’t have to worry about them cutting into your resume content.

JPGs, which are typically difficult to modify inside word processors or graphic design tools, are preferable to vector icons or PNG files. When JPGs are stretched or shrunk, they tend to lose quality.

Where can I find resume symbols in Word?

You can get phone and email icons for your Word resume from a variety of sources:

  • Icons8: A large library of free icons in both color and monochrome that may be used on Word resumes.
  • Freepik: Easy-to-use phone and email icons that can be downloaded and added to your resume in a matter of minutes.

Takeaways to remember

Resume icons can provide a fun and creative touch to your resume, but they should only be used when they are relevant to your field and desired employment.

The safest option for resume icons is phone and email icons, which can provide a little individuality without going overboard.
You may find free vector icons in a variety of locations, or you can save time by using a resume template that already includes them.

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