How to Prepare For Internet Downtime When You Are Working From Home

How to Prepare For Internet Downtime When You Are Working From Home

Your internet downtime connection is critical if you work primarily from home. An outage can cost you more than just your time: it can cause you to lose clients, spend money on mobile data, and put in more effort to provide your output.

It’s unavoidable that your internet connection won’t always be as reliable as you’d want – especially in the event of a natural disaster, a problem with your internet service provider, or something utterly unforeseeable.

Rather than winging it when it happens, it’s important to plan ahead of time. Create a backup plan now to save difficulties later. Here are some ideas for preparing for internet downtime.

Make sure you have backups of your work

As a remote virtual assistant, you’re likely to store the majority of your papers and files in the cloud. Your articles may be saved to Google Docs, and your call recordings could be saved to Dropbox.

When you don’t have a connection to the internet, these files become inaccessible. As a result, make sure backup copies are saved on your computer or an external hard drive.

Even if there is an internet downtime, you can edit or check items this way.

Switch to a laptop computer

Consider getting a laptop if you don’t already have one. Many people, however, choose to utilize a desktop computer because:

  • They’re more comfortable to use.
  • They are more likely to offer better value for money.
  • They’re easy to upgrade because parts may be swapped out fast.

The issue is that you can’t take desktop computers with you when you need to work outside of your house, such as when there’s an internet outage. After all, you can’t bring all of your desktop components to a co-working location.

How to Prepare For Internet Downtime When You Are Working From Home

Look for nearby places to work

You might wish to check into co-working spaces or other nearby venues where you can reconnect. A nice option is a coffee shop or cafe with reliable internet.

Do you find these establishments to be too pricey for your tastes? You might be able to work in peace at a public library or comparable facility. You will, however, very certainly need to sign up for a subscription.

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Use your smartphone to control everything

There will be instances when you must turn things in immediately or make immediate changes. If at all possible, utilize your smartphone when this occurs.

It’s difficult to compose a full-fledged article on your phone, but with the correct apps, you can modify one.

Email management and invoicing are two tasks that are simple to perform on a mobile device.

Make the required arrangements

Your home internet service provider may occasionally notify you of service outages. It might be because they’re performing routine maintenance or upgrading anything on their systems.

Make sure to top up your mobile data before it happens, as you already know when it will. You can also download any papers or programs you require.

Keep your information and data safe

When you connect to wireless networks other than your own, you run the danger of revealing your personal information to strangers. You never know who else is using the same public network or how safe the internet is.

It’s possible that a hacker is attempting to obtain your credit card information through your email. You could also be connected to a rogue hotspot. The basic line is that you must protect your data with vigilance.

Share what you know with others

Share your information with fellow virtual assistants or other members of your team now that you’ve figured out alternative strategies to prepare for an internet outage.

When you’re the only one online, it’s difficult to collaborate and achieve effective outcomes. You’ll also need your coworkers to show up and complete their jobs.

If they aren’t prepared for internet disruptions, you may be forced to undertake their jobs as well because you are the only one who is available.

Invest in a backup internet connection

Having a separate connection from a different ISP is a typical solution to the possible problem of losing connections. If you have DSL, for example, you can get a Pocket WiFi to assure uninterrupted access to programs that are vital to your job.

While backup connections ensure continuity, they are frequently underutilized, so it’s natural if you’re hesitant to get one.

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