How to Overcome Workplace Burnout ?

How to Overcome Workplace Burnout ?

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Are you struggling to pull yourself out of bed every day in the morning and spend the next eight hours wishing you were anywhere else but at work? And are you going home, eating to the content of your heart, but then spending the night tossing and turning in bed? If you’ve answer ‘yes’ to all those questions, then without even realizing it, you could be struggling with a little bit of something called burnout. And you’re not alone: before they even turn 30, both men and women suffer workplace burnout!

But how does this lack of interest and general feeling of tension overtake you? To help you conquer workplace burnout and discover the passion you need to enjoy a healthy career with the perfect work-life balance.

Learn how to identify burnout

You don’t just wake up one day and unexpectedly, like the common cold, get a burnout. Over time, it creeps upon us, which is what also makes it so hard to remember. That said, our body always gives us warning signs; before it’s too late, we just need to keep a lookout for them. Some common signs of workplace burnout include:

  • Feeling angry and annoyed and highly self-critical and self-doubting for no reason.
  • Getting frustrated with everyday activities such as going shopping for food or being in crowded areas
  • Becoming uninterested in things you once loved, such as cycling or swimming.
  • Feeling continually tired and not having the desire to do something
  • Interrupted sleep and flu-like symptoms are experienced
  • Experiencing a loss of focus, frequently feeling your mind zoning out and not being able to complete a single assignment

Ask for flexibility

Approach your manager and ask for some flexibility if you like you’re at the end of your tether. For instance, you might explore the possibility of more lenient working hours or a remote work arrangement. In fact, multiple studies have shown that workplace flexibility also leads to more efficient, loyal, and happier workers.

Learn how to say “no”

Will you continue to take on additional tasks only to try to prove yourself? If so, by not allowing yourself any breathing space, you are probably digging yourself into the ice. Learn to say ‘no’ and make a point to leave work on time to ensure that you relax and are ready for the next day.

Take time off

Often, to recharge your battery and conquer the feeling of fatigue, a nice long break is what you need. For a reason, you’re granted annual leave, so use it when you really need it, even if it’s to catch up on some well-needed sleep for a staycation.

Learn well to prioritize

It is vital within the workplace to be able to recognize and prioritize important tasks; without it, you can easily work yourself into a real mess and waste hours on items that are not really required. It would make a lot of difference to spend 5-10 minutes per day giving priority to your to-do list!

Meditate by yourself

Several studies have consistently reported that meditation on mindfulness has beneficial long-term effects on our psychological well-being, decreasing anxiety, stress and other mental disorders. Therefore, it’s a good idea to start your day by spending as little as 10 minutes meditating and effectively releasing any toxic thoughts and emotions from your mind and body.

Get a scenery upgrade

Occasionally, what you need to rewire your brain and cure yourself of burnout is a minor adjustment like changing chairs, redecorating your cubicle or even adding a few plants to your workspace. Meanwhile, consider sitting next to a window with access to plenty of fresh air and sunshine if you’re shifting your workspace.

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Set achievable goals

By setting realistic expectations for yourself, you can emotionally plan for what you need to accomplish. If you hit your objective, you will feel fulfilled, and this helps you to set more goals then. Generally speaking, this will help you move forward and set a new personal record in your career.

Change and adjust your attitude

You definitely need to change your attitude if you’ve been pessimistic at work. Re-evaluate what you love about your work and reflect on the positives you find when you first took the role. Start thanking colleagues for their good work, and they can also start praising you in return.

Set up new relationships

The individuals you surround yourself with at work will also have a significant influence on your attitude. it is an uplifting experience to receive positive vibes from others, In other words, find more supportive colleagues who will help keep you energized during the day if your work pals don’t do your health any favors.

Get support

If it’s a no-go to reach out to your manager or supervisor, consider joining a support group that can help you heal from burnout. You should also address your concerns with your GP, who will be able to refer you to a psychologist who, in turn, can assist you to understand the root of the issue and provide you with advice on solving it.


Daily exercise will help you alleviate unwanted stress, helping you feel better both mentally and physically. It will boost your workplace attitude, along with a healthy diet. However, if you don’t have time during the week to workout, why not take a look at any of these desk exercises?

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Consider Changing Carreers

Given your best intentions, burnout in the workplace is often practically difficult to improve. It might be time to start getting a new job or changing careers entirely if you find yourself in this situation. Remember: certain industries can be incredibly stressful and challenging to deal with, so it’s really not a crime to explore your other choices if you really can’t keep up!

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