How to Overcome Job Search Biggest Challenges!

How to Overcome Job Search Biggest Challenges!

It’s perfectly natural to feel discouraged and defeated when searching for a new job, whether the competition is too fierce, you unwittingly make a significant mistake or two in your job search, or the lack of callbacks, interviews, and abundance of rejection gets you down. And while an unsuccessful job search can be frustrating, it is not the solution to embrace some old job or give up entirely and comfort yourself with a tub of ice cream.

There’s a way off this slippery slope, and you can do a few things to make sure you’re successful in looking for a job. these are the common struggles that people face while looking for a job and ways you can resolve them in order to help you out.

Lack of Confidence

The greatest hindrance to job search success is a lack of trust in yourself. If you lack faith in your ability to perform well on the job, rest assured that you will not be able to sell yourself through your application or an interview with a potential employer if you manage to secure one. You can talk to your friends and family to help you be more optimistic, who would be able to give you pointers. Meanwhile, don’t forget to practice your responses to typical interview questions when it comes to planning for an interview.

No Clear Direction in your job search

You’re unlikely to be really competitive if you have a scattergun mentality when it comes to job searching. So, if you find yourself firing off 30 applications a day in the expectation that at least one of them will be asked for, you should probably take a step back and reconsider your plan. Pay careful attention to the specifics of the job and ensure that you have the skills and experience needed, and then some. In this way, you can concentrate on work that you are perfectly qualified to do and have a greater chance of finding a new career.

Skipping the Cover Letter

Many candidates make a rookie mistake while applying for a position and forget to submit a cover letter. Some feel that it won’t be read by hiring managers and that it’s simply a waste of time. But while they don’t always read your cover letter, it doesn’t give you the green light to absolutely dismiss it! A cover letter offers a snapshot of your personality, your work ethic, and your attention to detail in such a way that it is difficult for a CV or resume! Although job advertisements do not always specify the need for a cover letter, you should always write one to accompany your CV anyway.

It can cost you an interview to fail to do so. That said, don’t just write some old jargon; your cover letter should tell the hiring manager, along with examples of where you’ve used them in previous positions, what specific skills you bring to the table.

Having no Connections

A referral provides you with a greater chance of being noticed and recruited by employers in today’s job search. Not only is an employee referral program a cheaper alternative to hiring, but in the eyes of recruiters, it also makes you a more trustworthy candidate as there is a shared source to vouch for you. So, if you embark on your job search alone, you can change tactics and start talking about it to your acquaintances-they may know about an opportunity in their business and may be able to give you a suggestion. In the meantime, if you don’t have a large professional network, consider engaging in networking activities to improve your situation.

Remember: you would not have the confidence to carry on without sufficient planning.

Relying solely on Job Advertisements

Although job adverts are a valuable source of job openings, in order to secure a new role, you should not rely solely on them. Instead, why not make a list of the top employers you would like to work for and then search for openings on their personal websites? By using this technique, you’re much more likely to find your dream job!

When looking for new jobs, you can also spend a lot of time on LinkedIn; you will obtain job tips based on your abilities and experience with their personalized algorithm, so you will be more likely to succeed by using this tool.

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Having one version of your Resume

Having just one version of your CV and sending it out to various job positions is another rookie error. As different jobs need different skills, this is neither successful nor efficient.

So, instead of making a one-size-fits-all resume, for each role you are interested in and willing to do, build a different version. That said, you don’t have to rewrite the entire document; to fit the job, you can simply change your career target or tweak your work experience portion. Perhaps you may want to emphasize various abilities for different opportunities.

How to Overcome Job Search Biggest Challenges!

Relying only on Recruiters and Headhunters

Although headhunters and recruiters are a great way to find new possibilities, you should not rely solely on their support. Their number one goal at the end of the day is their customers (who pay their salary), so they can ensure that they find a good match for the customer and not just for you. Most definitely, you would find it more fruitful to network with customers and colleagues than waste time on a recruiter who offers the world to you, but doesn’t have any chances you would like to take.

Not Following Up

This is something we’ve been guilty of in the past, and probably something you may be able to relate to! Sometimes, we shoot off an application and then wait without even following up with the hiring manager. So, even after submitting your CV and cover letter, you think your work is complete, it has only just begun!

Having no clear career goals

When we are forced to look for a new job, there are a few scenarios, including being dissatisfied with our current roles, being made redundant or pursuing a career change. It’s unusual to feel forced to accept the first offer that comes our way in any of these situations without actually thinking about our goals. You should make a list of your three top career goals and cross-refer to them every time you apply for a new job in order to ensure that you always remain on track while searching for new jobs.

If the job doesn’t seem to meet your requirements, move on to anything that will! While you can like you’re never going to find what you really want to do, it’s actually within arm’s reach with the right amount of hard work and commitment.

Your search will be considerably less difficult and more efficient when considering these obstacles and following the advice given! It doesn’t have to be an intimidating phase anymore, but rather one you’re familiar with and actually good at!

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