How to make your workplace more fun

How to make your workplace more fun

The idea of combining work and fun may sound surprising and outrageous to you if you have spent much of your time in conventional offices with strict codes of conduct. But the thought of merging the two is no longer so odd. Research has shown that workers who have fun at work are typically more efficient and on many main professional metrics, including creativity and innovation, rates are higher.

That’s why modern workplaces are increasingly geared to making sure their workers have fun at work. In reality, in these times, fun may be the single most important characteristic of an efficient and prosperous organization.

Make your workspace fun

There is no joy in a sterile cubicle. To create a room in which you can enjoy spending time, upgrade it. It is sure to put you in a good mood with pictures, decorative accents, or travel mementos. Another cool design is a soft board with thank you notes, cards, and emails.

Take a break

Every hour, take a quick break to walk around, clear your mind and give your eyes a respite from the screen of your laptop. A couple of workouts at the desk and your imagination and productivity can get a boost.

How to make your workplace more fun

Modify the scenery

Hold a meeting on the lawns of the office and watch your employees’ energy and engagement levels shoot up. Fresh air and warm sunshine impact the mood of people miraculously and do a fantastic job of rejuvenating the mind and body.

Find reasons to laugh

It isn’t important to crack jokes all day long but shed the professional attitude once in a while to crack a smile. Share funny stories and links, or create a joke board where people can pin-up cartoons or little jokes.

Play any games

By encouraging the kid in you to surface from time to time, sports equipment such as a basketball hoop or a baseball bat will inject a generous dose of positive energy into the workplace. It can work too with a chessboard, carom, or ping pong board!

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Create happiness-boosting rituals

Couples also have “their” song or position in a relationship that transports them to a happier place. Work with colleagues and team members on the logic and build a happiness-boosting tradition. Is it going to be a weekly potluck, every afternoon a stroll to the local barista, or Friday night drinks?

Allow time for surprises

It’s important to celebrate the wins and milestones in the humdrum of work. Keep track of work anniversaries and birthdays aside from the obvious work-related ones. The most jaded of staff would be pleased by an ice-cream party or popcorn evening snack.

Keep goodies in the cupboard

Within a squad, food is always a perfect way to improve bonding. As the old adage goes, “A family who eats together stays together.”

Let the music play

A perfect way to spice up a routine day is to wear earphones to work. When doing work, listen to your favorite music. Bear in mind, however, that music can at times be distracting. When doing the kind of work that needs you to concentrate deeply, stop it.

Let it go

Encourage workers to leave work behind and, once home, make time for family and leisure. For teams, a routine such as making a to-do list for the next day and pinning it on a board might help.

Research shows that the more you are linked and involved in what you do, the more enjoyable you will be doing it. But determining what fun is and what’s not is before you set out to bring more fun into the workplace. Off-colour, offensive, or detrimental comedy can never be enjoyable!

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