How to Land A Job In A Remote Job Environment

How to Land a Job In A Remote Job Environment

Many companies have been forced to re-examine what the modern office looks like as a result of the demands of social-distancing and closures. Your living room, dining room, or spare bedroom-turned-office, to name a few possibilities.

Remote job environments have become more widespread than ever before, transforming the market and the ways in which you must plan to pivot within it. Anything happens without you ever leaving your place, from the first interview to accepting the offer letter.

Some of the old adages still hold true when it comes to preparation: dress properly, arrive early, and be prepared to answer challenging questions. A virtual work environment, on the other hand, comes with a special interview process due to the absence of tangible body language and the inclusion of technology.

It’s easy to be intimidated by it all, but there’s no need to be. We’ve compiled ways to land your dream job in a virtual workplace while still looking normal in this socially-distanced environment.

Experiment with different video conferencing systems

For virtual companies, video conferences are important for connecting coworkers and clients. Zoom, Google Hangouts/Meet, Skype, and UberConference are some of the most common video-conferencing platforms. Each platform provides a free basic account.

Make a user account. Joining a meeting, navigating the video and audio controls, and sharing your screen are all things you can practice. Before your interview, double-check that your camera and microphone are working, and that you’ve downloaded the required plug-ins.

Additionally, pick a place for your virtual job interview that has a suitable backdrop, minimal background noise, and appropriate lighting. Make a mock interview with a friend or family member so you’re prepared when you meet with the recruiter or hiring manager.

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Plan ahead of time by conducting research

Take the time to research the company to which you’ve applied. What exactly do they do? What motivates you to work there? What drew you in? Was it their mission or vision?

Look at their website and any magazines they may have; learn about their past and the people that make up their teams. Prepare a list of questions that illustrate you’ve learned what’s available and want to broaden your knowledge by asking more questions. This will demonstrate your involvement in the business and your ability to perform analysis.

Pay attention to your body language

Make sure your body language is acceptable by smiling, nodding to show you’re paying attention, and maintaining eye contact during the interview. It’s important that everything feels as normal as possible. Appear to be engrossed and relaxed. Place your phone and camera so that you’re looking at the person you’re speaking with. This will necessitate a few changes, but you want it to feel as though you’re sitting side by side in the same room.

How to Land a Job In A Remote Job Environment

Use social media sites and networks to connect

Now is the time to make sure your LinkedIn profile and any other social media accounts you have are up to date so you can put the best virtual foot forward. Make sure your Facebook and Twitter pages tell the story about you that you want prospective employers to hear.

Be sure to make these accounts private if you just use them for personal connections. If you have a public profile, connect with or follow the recruiter. You’ll be able to communicate with and collaborate with the organization through their social media personas.

Be personable and show that you are a good match for the company’s culture

Virtual companies have whole teams that operate 100% of the time from home. To do so, workers must make an extra effort to form collaborative partnerships, which come more naturally in person. You must show to your future employer that you can work as a team and easily blend into their current company culture because there is no physical watercooler to communicate with your colleagues.

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Make an effort to be approachable and engaging, and make sure your personality shines through regardless of the gap. Your main objective is to ensure that your interviewer knows who you are and why you will be an outstanding addition to the team.

Follow up with a thank-you note

Express your gratitude to all who took part in the interview and recruiting process. Collect the contact details of everyone you met and talked with using your meeting invites and email chains. Make a note of their names so you can properly contact them in your inbox. Thank them for their time and consideration, and mention one particular detail from your meeting that will distinguish you and demonstrate your attention to detail.

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Remember, this is your chance to show that you can succeed in a virtual environment. Bring traditional interview skills to the table, but be ready to demonstrate your adaptability in this ever-changing virtual environment.

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