How to Be More Professional at Work

How to Be More Professional at Work

It is crucial that you always carry yourself with professionalism and grace in the workplace, regardless of where you work, especially considering how it can affect your chances of getting ahead in the business. Even if you work with only two other workers in a small startup, professionalism is crucial, we’ve compiled a list of useful tips about how to be professional at work.

Always Be Punctual

Arriving on time is also one of the best ways to prove your integrity in the workplace and get noticed in the process by upper management. So, if you’re getting an important 9 a.m. meeting, plan to arrive five minutes sooner. You may think that strolling in a few minutes late will not hurt your reputation, but your clock-watching manager will probably think differently. The same applies to arriving at work.

Always Be Respectful

You should avoid ever sharing your opinion in a professional setting, even if you think your boss is a total fool who doesn’t deserve their job. Badmouthing them would only make you seem childish, unprofessional, and maybe even a little jealous, which you don’t want to interpret as anything. If they’re the cleaner or the CEO, remember to treat everybody fairly. Similarly, follow all the policies of your business, even if you don’t agree with them, they have been put in place for a reason. So, even if you believe it’s totally stupid to keep your phone in your bag especially in today’s digital age, you should still follow the rules.

Always Be Positive

There will still be days when you just want to give up and throw in the towel, no matter how much you enjoy your work, whether that’s because you got bad reviews or a colleague said something to annoy you. Whatever the case, remaining optimistic and behaving as professionally as possible is important, so put aside any personal feelings and remind yourself of all the reasons you love your work.

This also refers to when tasks to complete that fall beyond your job description are assigned to you. You would do well to change your attitude and start embracing any new duties with a positive disposition, rather than whining about how unfair it is and how it’s not your work. In the long term, this will allow you to advance your career.

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Always Be honest and trustworthy

It is imperative to have an open and truthful line of communication with your boss, particularly if you want to get anywhere during your time in the company or in your general career. Your boss wants to know that they can rely on you for something, so make sure that you deliver, whether it’s ensuring that a last-minute booking is properly executed or that when you’re really sick, you’re calling in sick. So, don’t make up a ludicrous excuse next time you’re running late; just be honest and tell your boss you didn’t hear your alarm go off. They’re going to appreciate the sincerity, and reciprocate it in exchange.

How to Be More Professional at Work

Always Mind Your Manners

You’re setting yourself up for failure if you prefer to answer the phone with a half-hearted ‘Hello… this is Joey‘ or respond to an email in text-speak. Professional and upbeat should always be your phone greeting, anything along the lines of:’ Good morning/afternoon. Job Searches, Joey speaking ‘. Similarly, you should adopt a professional tone when sending emails, use proper grammar, provide a signature, with your job title and contact information, and include a suitable closing such as ‘Best Wishes’.

Dress For Success

When it comes to keeping a professional image in the workplace, searching for the part is half the fight. It’s sort of like putting on your armor suit and riding into combat. A good work outfit will make you feel more secure and ready for the day ahead.

In other words, by dressing up for performance, make sure you’re still on top of your game. This means closely following the dress code of the company. Of course, that doesn’t mean going crazy and showing up to the office in a three-piece suit if you work in a casual start-up, for instance, if you want to dress a little smarter. But for all the wrong reasons, that will make you stand out!

Don’t be too competitive

While a little competition is great for boosting workplace morale and performance, too much of it will damage your professional image. If a new employee has more credentials than you, it is normal to feel insecure, and your confidence can slump if you find that your boss pays more attention to another colleague. Competitive feelings may cause you to overdo a mission, become jealous and spiteful of fellow workers, or demand too much senior approval. Focus more on improving yourself, being your own rival, and not contrasting yourself with others.

Work harder and longer if necessary

You may hate this one, but the truth is, it will reflect superbly on you to work longer than necessary. We’re not asking you to add three more hours to your workday. Even an extra half hour would allow you to be seen as more skilled and excited about your job. You could even arrive a little earlier than expected at the office. Try to stay a little longer to complete pending assignments instead of rushing to leave at 6 pm on the dot or worse, earlier.

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