Best High Paying Tech Jobs in 2021

Best High Paying Tech Jobs in 2021

Never before has humanity been more dependent upon technology in the history of the human race. We see it in the way we talk, the way we live, and the way younger people often answer any question: “There’s an app for that.” The demands of our work have also fundamentally changed this so-called ‘digital transition‘.

For one thing, new positions were developed and certain occupations were moved to the forefront of the workplace. Unsurprisingly, information technology is among those growing fast. So, if you’re thinking about pursuing a career in this area, then you’re in good company! Here are some of the top and highest-paying IT jobs you can check out to give you a head-start!

Information Security Engineer

In 2017, 54 percent of businesses encountered one or more effective cyberattacks. That may not sound like much, but add it all up and you’re looking at a loss of $5 million (£3.8 million). It’s no wonder why information security engineers, also known as security analysts, are so in demand, considering these staggering figures.

Checking networks and evaluating them for any flaws, proposing security strategies, and introducing safety systems to protect the private information of the organization are some of their most critical activities. If you’re a tech whiz who prefers to use your hacking skills to serve other people and protect them, then this job is for you.

Average Salary: $131,300 (£100,000)

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DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers collaborate alongside other teams, including software developers and programmers, to ensure that all operating systems run smoothly, unlike most IT professionals who prefer working in isolation. They work as project managers by keeping track of the roles of each other and directing them towards their operational requirements. They also review and change existing systems in order to ensure complete optimization, in addition to offering IT solutions.

You may be a good fit for this role if you like solving problems and you demonstrate leadership qualities.

Average Salary: $137,400 (£104,600)

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Enterprise Architect

An architect of an organization works like a career coach in that they look at their company’s goals and help develop the best processes or plans to help achieve those goals. Because more than 50 percent of IT ventures fail, their efforts are highly regarded by technology companies that prioritize innovation. Plus, individuals that suit this position are also not that easy to find. In the IT sector, enterprise architecture is a developing specialty.

To understand system patterns and fill in the holes, they must have the expertise, as well as the leadership skills to lead a team and the confidence to speak and present to top management. You can pursue this job if you are an accomplished IT specialist who is ready to take the next step in your career.

Average Salary: $144,400 (£110,000)

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Technical Program Manager

You may want to become a technical program manager if you’re an expert in computer science and have the teaching skills that will give Professor Dumbledore a run for his money.

Although a good understanding of software development is needed for this position, you must also be a great communicator. Usually, technical program managers evaluate and optimize the developer education (DevEd) program of an organization by designing their own training modules and organizing courses for developers and engineers. Besides this, they are often charged with managing and reviewing the technology infrastructure of an organization.

Average Salary: $145,000 (£110,400)

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Best High Paying Tech Jobs in 2021

Software Architect

As they do more than evaluate and analyze systems and applications, software architects are a step above developers. They hold leadership positions in a company more often than not, leading a team and sometimes acting as mentors to younger workers. They also meet with customers to suggest or build personalized apps to suit their needs. This may be your calling if you’re fluent in coding, well-versed in software programs, and are not afraid to take on demanding roles.

Average Salary: $145,400 (£110,700)

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Applications Architect

If you find the catchphrase of the millennium, ‘there’s an app for that,’ infuriating, then you will want to

Step aside from this position. The Applications Architect is an increasingly growing specialty in the IT field. They are both innovative and technical in that they not only strengthen but also build and create new applications, requiring them to remain on top of digital trends at all times. Apart from these roles, they also manage the overall design process and provide their employees with technical support and training.

Average Salary: $149,000 (£113,500)

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Infrastructure Architect

You already have an understanding of what infrastructure architects do if you combine the work of an enterprise architect and a security analyst. In addition to testing and determining the security requirements of an organization, they also suggest or build new and enhanced systems to replace old and unsuccessful ones. Infrastructure architects are often essential for new technologies to be integrated and are also designed as point-persons for strategic advice and support. Many infrastructure architects directly report to top management because of the technological and administrative aspects of their work.

Average Salary: $153,000 (£116,500)

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Software Development Manager

Usually occupied by senior staff, software development managers oversee and monitor the work of developers and architects of software. They also look for ways of continuously developing processes, meeting technical requirements and project execution. Although their task is primarily managerial, it is also expected that they will keep up with the latest technologies. You may want to give this one a shot if you’re mad about tech and have outstanding multitasking abilities.

Average Salary: $153,300 (£116,800)

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Data Warehouse Architect

If a company’s entire technology and development team were an ensemble, its maestro would be a data warehouse architect. The main objective of a data architect is to ensure that everyone operates in a full symphony, from analyzing data to working with device designers and assisting end-users .

They need to be well-versed in data modeling or organizing the data of a corporation to do so and position them into an organizational framework that can be easily understood by anyone. When businesses move large quantities of data, data warehouse architects are particularly crucial. You could make a killing in this position if you have a knack for making plans and preserving order.

Average Salary: $154,800 (£117,900)

Software Engineering Manager

There are people in leadership roles, as their job description implies, who oversee and handle the work of software engineers. Part of their work involves recruiting and assembling the best team for the job while directing developers of software to follow appropriate system protocols and solve technical problems. They also contribute to the growth of the business by developing plans and initiatives that can add to the bottom line of the organization.

And since they normally lead a large team, a large part of their role often includes a lot of project management. You’re a shoo-in for this job if you’re not afraid to take on new challenges, and you have a talent for engineering and fantastic organizational skills.

Average Salary: $163,500 (£ 124,500)

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There is indeed no better time than now to enter the IT industry. You’ll need a lot of hustle and determination to get any of these high-paying jobs, but with a bit of courage, initiative, and luck, we’re sure you’re going to end up in one of these positions in due time.

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