High Paying Jobs that Make Over $100,000 Per Year

High Paying Jobs that Makes Over $100,000 Per Year

In the healthcare, technology, and financial industries, the highest-paying workers are most frequently found. It requires many years of industry experience for several professionals before you have the credentials to be offered a high paying job. Early in your career, however, some positions pay well. While certain high paying jobs require long hours and significant decision-making, others require rigorous physical labor or team leadership.

Jobs that make over $100,000 per year


Requirements: Complete a graduate degree in medicine (M.D.) or osteopathy (D.O.), a three-to-10 year residency (depending on specialization) and obtain a medical license from the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

Duties: Surgeons perform operations on patients to treat injuries and diseases, correct congenital disabilities, or change the appearance of the body for cosmetic purposes, depending on their specialization.

Average Salary: $176,162

Full Stack Software Developer

Requirements: While you may be able to land a job with an associate’s degree in computer programming or another related subject, many employers require a bachelor’s degree in web development, computer programming, computer science or another related area.

Duties: A full-stack software developer is responsible for managing front and back-end software development and can understand several coding languages and databases. They may be required to assist in developing software applications or operating systems, testing systems, debugging, and more.

Average Salary: $111,887

Pharmacy Manager

Requirements: Complete a doctorate in pharmacy (Pharm.D) and obtain a license in the state you wish to work. You may also need a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) or a public health graduate degree.

Duties: A pharmacy manager oversees a group of pharmacists and the operation of a pharmacy. Their duties may include dispensing prescribed medications, offering advice to patients about their prescription, and ensuring the pharmacy complies with state and federal regulations.

Average Salary: $116,553


Requirements: Complete a doctorate in optometry (O.D.). You may also need to complete a residency, depending on the area of practice.

Duties: Optometrists perform vision tests to analyze, diagnose, and treat sight problems and diseases. Optometrists also prescribe corrective eyewear, such as contact lenses and eyeglasses.

Average Salary: $121,702

Jobs that Make over $100,000 Per Year

Data Scientist

Requirements: Most employers require at least an undergraduate degree in a related field, such as mathematics, computer science or engineering, while others require a master’s degree or Ph.D.

Duties: A data scientist translates raw data into meaningful, usable reports and insights. Typically, data scientists build and use machine learning tools to interpret data sets.

Average Salary: $131,677

User Experience Architect

Requirements: Most employers require an undergraduate degree in a related field, such as graphic design, computer science, or computer programming. Some employers may also require a master’s degree.

Duties: Perform usability tests to analyze and interpret a consumer’s behavior while using a software application, website, or another interactive digital asset. Develop and design information architecture for digital experiences.

Average Salary: $124,886

Nurse Practitioner

Requirements: Complete an undergraduate degree as a registered nurse (RN), complete two years of nursing experience, and complete a master’s degree in science in nursing (MSN). Some employers may also require a doctor of nursing practice (DNP).

Duties: Nurse practitioners diagnose patient illnesses, injuries and other conditions, administer exams, prescribe medication and offer advice on wellness and illness prevention.

Average Salary: $103,041

Tax Manager

Requirements: Complete an undergraduate degree in accounting, finance, economics, or business administration. Some employers also require a master’s in business administration (MBA).

Duties: Tax managers work to ensure organizations comply with local, state, and federal tax regulations. They may also offer analysis and planning services, oversee tax audits, and create policies to ensure businesses meet government guidelines.

Average Salary: $107,269

These are only a couple of jobs with the highest salary. Although most of these occupations require at least an undergraduate degree, professionals without a college degree or professionals who are qualified or trained in a particular trade have several other choices.

In addition, although most of the positions mentioned above require you to work on-site (particularly those in healthcare), there are many high paying jobs in technology, marketing, and other industries that give you the chance to work from home. There are high-paying careers that might be a good match for you no matter what your educational history, ambitions, or lifestyle.