Here's Why You Are Struggling To Find A Job

Here’s Why You Are Struggling To Find A Job

We are asked this question a lot. The truth is, for everyone, the explanation is different. The good news here? You should conquer whatever is holding you back from getting employed.

Here are the reasons why you still looking for a job:

You Are Overqualified

Among older workers looking for a career change, this issue is common. But this can happen to someone who has a lot of experience in another sector and is trying to get their foot in the door.

Solution: Make it your task during an interview to communicate with the employer. Let them know that you’re not just pushing the clock out of here. Don’t mention retirement if they inquire about your 5-year plan. Your career’s really not over.

Your CV is not Job Specific

Although it’s nice to have a great resume with all of your professional skill sets, when all you do is submit the same resume to any open role you find, your resume can become generic.

Solution: For each job you apply for, customize your resume. You will be more likely to land an interview by taking the time to customize your resume with appropriate skill sets and unique keywords that are in the job description, and will thus have more viable job possibilities.

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Here's Why You Are Struggling To Find A Job

Lost All Urgency

Getting into a job-search can be easy. When you don’t have a fixed schedule, time goes by differently. The longer it takes for you to get a job, the more difficult it is to find an opportunity to get a job. As a professional, you can begin to lose confidence in yourself and your abilities. Your life can feel like it is without meaning or direction when your career is suddenly on hold.

Solution: Set targets and work towards them, even if they are just small objectives. They may be, or not, career-related priorities. You would want to be in better shape. Maybe you want a new skill to master. You will recover your sense of purpose if you set goals for yourself, and improve yourself in the process.

It’s rough being unemployed. You’ll have the tools to resolve the obstacles you face in the job search process if you follow these tips.

In your Job Search, you started being proactive

Your acts have to represent your attitude if you really want a job. You can find yourself getting into a risky job search routine as the weeks (or maybe months) drag on and you still haven’t find a job. Every day, you apply for half a dozen jobs and hope for the best. Rarely does this technique work. You need to be proactive if you want quality work opportunities.

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Solution: Give priority to networking. Go to job fairs. Reach out to staff at businesses that you would love to work for on LinkedIn. Start with them in persuasive, professional discussions. Remember: you’re a one-of-one company. The more you market yourself aggressively to employers, the more work prospects you’ll potentially get.

Lack of Exposure To The Professional World

On the other side, since you don’t have enough experience or the right skill sets to do the jobs you have been applying for, you might be unemployed. You may be a recent college graduate, and you’re just begging someone at this stage to give you a chance. Whatever your case, it’s really obvious to employers that you’re not eligible.

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Solution: To learn to build new skills, take courses or win certificates. To get the kind of professional experience that employers are searching for, volunteer or intern. In order to stand out to hiring managers, concentrate on the skill sets you have and learn how to measure those skills on your resume.

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