Cover Letter Tips for New Freelancers

Cover Letter Tips for New Freelancers

Cover Letter Tips for New Freelancers: You’re not alone if you’ve opted to leave the full-time office grind (or if you’ve decided to bypass that choice entirely) and pursue the riskier but highly rewarding life of an independent contractor.

A rising number of workers have lost patience with the typical nine-to-five connection between employer and employee in the years after the Great Recession. Many creative artists, tech pros, designers, writers, and service providers have decided to hit the road and rely on their own hard work and innovation instead of the support of a single company because the security and stability originally guaranteed by this paradigm has dried up.

This way of life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and you’ll need some resourcefulness and problem-solving skills to meet the obstacles that lie ahead. You’ll also need a solid cover letter in addition to your inherent wit. Here are a few cover letter tips and examples of how you may use your letter to stand out from the competition and acquire new business.

Emphasize your particular areas of expertise.

After you’ve established that you have a wide range of general skills, focus on the very specific qualities your clients need and how you’re the best person to provide them. Yes, you’re a talented and experienced graphic artist, but this client requires a dragon artist. And not just any dragon, but one of a very specific breed. Assuage his fears by reassuring him that dragons are your specialty.

Deal with both the general and specific.

Make sure your future employers know you’re familiar with all facets of your industry. Make it apparent that you know the jargon, that you’ve worked with a wide range of clients with a wide range of demands, and that this isn’t your first job. Make the most of what you have, even if you have just been freelancing for a year and have limited experience.

Cover Letter Tips for New Freelancers

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Develop a culture of trust

Employers’ main worries when hiring a freelancer to execute short or long-term work are usually related to skill level and reliability. They want someone who can complete the job according to their exact specifications and who will not abandon the project before it is completed. This demands a lot of trust and risk, so keep in mind that your bosses are searching for someone they can rely on. Write clearly, assertively, and believe in yourself and your abilities—if you believe you can produce what is expected of you, your employers will as well.

Make it clear that you’re constantly eager to learn new skills.

Employers who hire freelancers frequently have a secondary concern when making recruiting decisions: rigidity. If your previous projects don’t quite match what these employers are looking for, demonstrate that you’re prepared to branch out and learn new skills—not just today, but constantly.

Back up your letter with a Good Resume

A fantastic cover letter can only get you so far on its own. As a result, be sure to send a complete, well-formatted resume with your application. take a look at our guide: Types of Resume Format You Should Know

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