Best In-Demand Jobs That Don’t Need a Degree

Best In-Demand Jobs That Don’t Need a Degree

Many of us have discovered that our jobs have been redefined, or that we are considering a complete career change as a result of the changes brought about by COVID-19.

Fortunately, with change comes opportunity, and we’ve seen significant increases in demand for specific jobs in recent months. And jobs for a variety of positions have increased significantly since March. Even better, these positions do not require formal education.

If you’re thinking about a career change, here are best in-demand jobs where formal qualifications aren’t required.


If you enjoy being creative with products and display layouts, you could make an excellent Merchandiser. Job postings for this position, which entails planning, coordinating, and installing promotional displays in retail stores, have increased by 257 percent. Many people advance to this position after working as a Sales Assistant. Although formal qualifications are not required for merchandisers, a Diploma of Visual Merchandising may be advantageous.

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Retail Sales Assistant

If you consider yourself a people person who enjoys interacting with others, a position as a Retail Sales Assistant may be right for you. Job postings are up 266 percent. This position entails working in stores and providing a high-quality customer experience by greeting customers, ascertaining their needs, and assisting them in finding products. You have the ideal qualities of a Retail Sales Assistant if you are organized, have excellent communication skills, and pay close attention to detail.

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Dental Assistant

Here’s something to cheer about: job postings for Dental Assistants have increased by 255 percent. Dental Assistants, also known as Dental Nurses, prepare patients for dental examinations and assist Dental Practitioners with instruments, treatments, and X-rays. Although no formal training is required, earning a Certificate in Dental Assisting from an accredited institution can improve your job prospects.

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Retail Store Manager

You could be an excellent Retail Store Manager if you are a great communicator and enjoy managing and motivating others. Job postings for this sought-after position have increased by 211 percent. It entails being in charge of the smooth operation of a store as well as communicating and meeting financial objectives such as sales targets with employees. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who enjoys working with and leading a team.

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This is a position where hard work truly pays off. Salespeople sell goods, services, or products to consumers, retail clients, or wholesale customers, and are sometimes compensated with a commission. Retail, technology, real estate, automotive, and telecommunications are just a few of the industries where salespeople can work. Some qualifications may be required depending on the industry, but most jobs require on-the-job training. Look at this field, where job postings have increased by 200 percent.

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Delivery Driver

Consider becoming a Delivery Driver if you enjoy working independently and driving. Job postings are up 175 percent. Delivery drivers transport items to businesses or the general public and are frequently responsible for loading and unloading goods in addition to driving. You must demonstrate trustworthiness, dependability, and safe driving skills, but there are no formal qualifications required for this role—other than the appropriate driver’s license.

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Warehouse Storeperson

Are you physically fit and capable of lifting, carrying, and moving items in a large space? Warehouse Storepeople are in high demand, with job postings increasing by 160 percent, so if you enjoy working as part of a team to receive, store, and deliver goods, this could be a great role for you. Forklifts are commonly used by warehouse workers to load and unload trucks, so a forklift license is highly valued.

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Personal Carer

If you find it rewarding to care for others, this type of work could be ideal for you. Personal Caregivers play an extremely important role in assisting vulnerable individuals. Job postings have increased by 156%. As a Personal Carer, you will assist with daily tasks such as medication administration and household duties, as well as bathing and eating assistance. Personal Carers can work without formal qualifications, but some employers require a vocational qualification.

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Employment Consultant

With so many careers changing right now, it’s no surprise that job postings for Employment Consultants are up 120 percent. Assist people who are unsure what to do with their careers, as well as those who have been out of the workforce or who require specialized assistance. Formal qualifications are not required for Employment Consultants, but you must have strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as experience working with customers.

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Whether you need to explore options for finding a job right now or you’re just curious about what’s available for a career change, the roles on this list cover a wide range of skills, backgrounds, and interests. Take a look at these positions to see if there are any that interest you, and then read up on resume writing and job application tips.

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