Become A Graphic Designer With No Experience

Become A Graphic Designer With No Experience

Graphic designers employ an aesthetic approach to create interesting pieces of content that compel consumers to take action, whether it’s an eye-catching Instagram post or a magazine ad for a local business. Perhaps you were inspired by the work of another designer, prompting you to look for this article!

Don’t worry, even if you have no prior experience becoming a graphic designer, is a lot easier than you might imagine.

What is the Role of a Graphic Designer?

It’s important to know what a graphic designer performs before you download Photoshop and start attracting new clients:

A graphic designer works in the graphic arts sector and creates material for clients, primarily in advertising and published or printed media, using typography, motion graphics, images, and other design components.

A graphic designer earns roughly $50,000 per year on average, although those who work as freelance graphic designers might earn far more. This is because, as a freelance graphic designer, you may determine your own pricing and work with a variety of clients rather than being recruited at a fixed rate by a single organization. You might assume that entering into the graphic design profession is difficult or that you need a lot of experience to get started, but guess what? You don’t have it.

Only a creative eye and a willingness to learn new applications and design processes are required for graphic design. Above all, you’ll need a well-thought-out strategy to assist you to break into the sector.

Here’s how to go into graphic design without any prior experience:

Start freelancing

It can be difficult to find graphic design projects on your own, but you can create a profile and launch your graphic design business at your own speed using a freelance job platform like Fiverr.

You can establish a number of tiers of products for clients by combining different gig bundles. For example, you may want to start with lower price points to establish your reputation, and then gradually increase your packages to a fee that is consistent with your work after you’ve completed a number of assignments.

Create a portfolio of your graphic design work

Even if you have no prior experience as a graphic designer, you can begin developing a portfolio of work that you can show to potential clients.

For instance, you may begin by creating your own designs and spec designs for brands or other businesses that interest you. Begin by selecting brands that you admire and creating five distinct visual design components for each of them. These may include:

  • Infographics
  • Product brochures
  • Magazine Covers
  • Logos
  • Instagram posts
  • A website homepage

Once you’ve completed the materials, you can share them with potential clients and begin accepting tasks!

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Become A Graphic Designer With No Experience

Don’t Be Afraid to Do Free Work

You can now offer your services to clients with your fresh graphic design examples in hand.

Keep in mind that you are a novice graphic designer, thus you don’t want to charge clients expensive fees for work. On the contrary, you want to gain expertise working with clients and producing design items on a tight schedule initially. Rather than attempting to become wealthy quickly, don’t be scared to labor for free in order to establish your reputation.

You mostly want to volunteer or work for a low wage because you need to hone your creative style and ability. On-the-job training is the most effective technique to gain confidence and learn by doing. But, more crucially, when you start working for others, you can exercise your creative freedom, develop your own projects and ideas, and supplement your portfolio with genuine work examples rather than just specifications.

You can start freelancing on larger sites that can bring you better prospects after you’ve gained a few smaller clients or built up your portfolio with real clients and designs.

Make It a Habit to Be a Graphic Designer

When there are tools accessible to assist you to get started as a graphic designer, your qualifications are never out of reach.

To improve your creativity, all you need is a positive mindset and self-determination. As you develop, you’ll gain experience, but getting into the habit of becoming a graphic designer every day is just as crucial. Take the time to develop stuff for yourself, study other people’s work that you enjoy, network with other graphic designers online, and use Fiverr to keep track of your work and find new clients.

Become A Graphic Designer With No Experience

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